Signing Up

To actually sign up for a challenge click on the sign up link on the challenge page: Challenges

We ask you to sign up for each challenge because:

  • It helps establish your commitment to complete the challenge.
  • We use your email to allocate you with an anonymous user ID.
  • We can contact you at the end of the challenge to ask you how it went (these comments will be posted anonymously to help other people).
  • We can contact you about new challenges when they are posted and much more infrequently about other developments.
  • We can better control any malicious attacks and comments on the site.

You can of course just do a challenge without signing up but this is likely to be less effective.

Your email

  • By giving us your email you agree to the above (We need to ask this by law!).
  • We will only use your email for the reasons given above.
  • We will never pass your email on to anyone else.
  • We will not collect any other information about you other than your anonymised comments.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time and will never hear from us again (unless you sign up again).

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